Benchmarking – What target do you measure your candidates against?

Zig Ziglar, the famous personal development coach and motivational speaker, posed the question: “How can you expect to hit a target that you don’t even have?”

Ziglar was speaking of goal setting and the importance of knowing what your goals are in order to achieve them. The more specific and detailed our goals are, the better chance we have of hitting them.

What’s your target?

The same logic applies in recruiting. Your goal is to find the right candidate. But how do you define and measure whats “right” or “what good looks like”.

Are you just ticking of skills on a wish list inspired job description?

Perhaps you’ve gone the extra mile of considering cultural fit. But how do you measure that? And against what? Will the winner be the person who reads the core values on your website and has constructed a few star stories with the right words?

What does your ideal candidate look like? What’s the template you can hold a candidate up against?  What about how they’ll work with others on the team? The manager? Is there a lot of routine to deal with? Or maybe they need to make the rules up as they go. Do they have the nature and temperament to deal with it?

It’s hard to imagine, but there is a way to create a target that can tell you what attributes a person will need to succeed considering all of these aspects. The trick is to look at temperament.


A person’s temperament, or behavioural make up, will tell you how they will perform in situations they will encounter at work. A proper profile will tell you how they will deal with change, or routine; if they are good with people or prefer facts and figures; whether or not they are competitive and ambitious; and so much more.

Using a behavioural assessment tool that profiles candidates will tell you all of this, and there are many useful tools out there to help you do that. But that’s just half the equation.  Where is your target? How do you hit what you can’t see?  You can’t accurately hit a target with your eyes closed.

Open your eyes using the same, scientifically validated process used to profile a candidate to profile a role. This process creates a behavioural target or benchmark for that role that you can aim for. You may not hit it exactly, but the closer you get, the more confident you can be that your chosen candidate is equipped to succeed.

Add to these two tools to create a better recruitment process; one that sets the stage for decreased turnover and increased productivity.

At Mindset Search our clients complete our online mindset profiler to establish a strong benchmark profile of the ideal candidates attitude and behaviours. This along with a detailed skills and experience brief and a cultural immersion session forms our search criteria.

Mindset Search is an executive level search and selection business that embraces new techniques and technology to enhance the candidate experience and surpass client expectations.

Our award-winning combination of advanced technology and cutting-edge methodology produces, in-depth candidate assessment, streamlining the recruitment process, reducing costs and commercial down-time, and increasing new employee retention.

Candidates create and upload their own content, including an elevator pitch video, so they can highlight specific elements of their skills and experience that they feel are most important whilst behavioural assessments, video interviewing and competency questionnaires provide in-depth candidate analysis.

96% of new employees recruited using my-mindset are still in place after a minimum of 12 months

We are so confident in our methodology that we offer a full 12 month replacement guarantee on the successful hire. Get in touch find out how we can improve the quality, culture fit and retention of your senior hires.


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