Recruitment strategies for growing SME’s

I was recently asked to appear on The Next 100 Days Podcast where I was interviewed on the topic of SME recruitment by the shows joint hosts, business guru’s Kevin Appleby & Graham Arrowsmith. Graham and Kevin were keen to learn what strategies and actions owners and Directors of SME businesses could employ to successfully[…]

Skillset vs Mindset

Skillset is obviously very important and you always want to make sure that the person you are considering for a senior role has the training and talent necessary to perform the job you are looking for them to do. However, there is a critical aspect here to consider when applying this to roles that require[…]

Our innovative selection platform can improve your new employee retention

Mindset matters. Our award-winning combination of advanced technology and cutting-edge methodology produces, in-depth candidate assessment that reveals candidate mindsets, reducing guess work, streamlining the recruitment process, and improving new employee retention. We manage your search assignment through our unique online assessment portal, My-Mindset. My-Mindset holds all the information pertaining to the search in one interactive[…]

What is a “Talent Mindset” company

A 1997 article from McKinsey & Co. coining the notion of “the war for talent” ventured that talent would be the most important corporate resource over the next two decades, and that it would be the resource in shortest supply. This reality requires organisations to shift from an approach of developing a strong but independent[…]


Following the same old recruiting strategies in today’s competitive and resource constrained market is a losing proposition. It’s not going to result in hiring the best candidates or improving recruiting metrics or have a positive business impact. It will just be more of the same. BETTER RECRUITING RESULTS REQUIRE BETTER RECRUITING STRATEGIES You can’t turn around[…]